Newcastle Critique Group + Claire Rousell

 Please join us at the next meeting of

 Newcastle Critique Group


 Sunday 18th October, 2-6pm.

 In addition to the usual sharing of creative ideas and delicious food the session will include a presentation of work in the Garage Gallery by artist in residence Claire Rousell.

Claire Rousell, work in progress 

(Work in Progress, Claire Rousell)

 Newcastle Critique Group provides a monthly forum for practising artists to critically discuss their work with their peers. It aims to develop critical skills, encourage constructive criticism within a supporting environment and foster connections between artists.

Please bring food to share and a piece of work/an idea for work to discuss with the group.

This is an open group, please tell those who may be interested.

We look forward to seeing you there!

 RSVP to

For more details of Claire’s residency click here

One response to “Newcastle Critique Group + Claire Rousell

  1. Hi Hi,

    What a fabulous opportunity on Sunday 18th. I would love to attend and learn more.

    Big Thanks for the invite

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