25SG closed until 2010…

Hello everyone,

 We had the last performances and Crit Group at 25SG on Sunday 13th December which were very successful and thank you to everyone who came.

 We are closing until March 2010 but we’d like to say a big thanks to everybody for participating in both studio and allotment residencies and Crit Groups over the last year. 

 So we can improve on and develop 25SG as an exciting and supportive venue for artists we would really value some feedback.  If you have  participated in any of the 25SG activities over the last year could you please send us a few sentences about what you got out of the experience, particularly in regard to how your work has developed from these opportunities.

 We’ll be opening again in March, if you have an idea for a project please send us a brief proposal by the end of January. 

Best wishes for the New Year,

Hannah and Carole



One response to “25SG closed until 2010…

  1. As somebody who turned up to talk, but not really show artworks, I can only say that the environment created on the regular Sunday meetings was an excellent low-key space to find out more about artists practice. I look forward to seeing more projects come out of this exciting space in 2010 (especially if the food continues to be as delicious).

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