Garage Sale! Saturday 24th July 2-6pm



25sg are planning to hold at garage sale on the 24th of July from 2–6 pm. Live music and djs, cakes, lemonade, games, palm reading and much more!

We hope that anybody who is thinking of throwing out their unwanted stuff will bring it over to 25sg the previous week from Tuesday 20th. Each day the venue will be open from 10 – 12 and from 4 – 6.

Bring anything you think will sell. Please also bring plastic bags.

If there are any volunteers who have time to help set up on the Friday, the best time would be in the afternoon between 1 and 5pm and any time on Saturday, any help would be appreciated!

This is a fundraising event to support the ongoing programme of artists’ residencies, performances, presentations and crit groups at 25sg.

If anybody is interested please get in touch by email:

One response to “Garage Sale! Saturday 24th July 2-6pm

  1. no james johnson perkins sorry to say. Bring your own sounds and dance moves!

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