Carole Luby performance – Peppers

There will be a performance by Carole Luby this Sunday (the 12th) at 6pm – come to 25 Stratford Grove slightly before, and please RSVP by email.

Food and drink afterwards in the house.

No RSVP? That means we won’t have brought enough food for you!

Definition of Ripe

Fully grown and developed: mature ripe fruit.
Having mature knowledge, understanding, or judgment of advanced years: late – a ripe old age.
Suitable, appropriate – the time was ripe for the attempt; fully prepared; ready; the colonies were ripe for revolution.
Brought by aging to full flavour or the best state: mellow – ripe cheese: smelly, stinking.
Ruddy, plump, or full like ripened fruit – a ripe figure.
Indecent – ripe language.

Definition of Tender

Soft enough for the teeth to go through easily; the point at which
something is ready to eat; the leaves of a bunch of spinach, a rip fig. Soft
or delicate in substance. Not hard or tough.

Definition of Fragile

Of a delicate nature; so soft as to be hurt, crushed or broken easily.
Requiring careful handling; a tender subject.

2 responses to “Carole Luby performance – Peppers

  1. Wander around the house and garden and come across the performance.

  2. wander round the house and garden and come across the performance

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