Science for Artists: Overview and Discussion by Ben Lawson

Artist Ben Lawson presents an overview and discussion about science, aimed at helping artists understand the subject. Ben’s lecture will start at 6pm on Wednesday the 22nd of September, and who better than Ben to tell you about it? Here’s what he wrote:

“Science is indisputably the most successful system we have for understanding the world around us. The impact and reach of science is both significant and profound, having changed the way we interact with our surroundings beyond all recognition in just a few hundred years.

In the past art has always been a key instrument in the pursuit of science, both  investigating and communicating scientific ideas about our world, yet in this modern age artists often appear divorced from the process. I wish to address this apparent gap and hopefully offer some stimulating discussion on the way.”

Please join us at 6pm on Wednesday for what promises to be an edifying talk.

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