Claire Rousell and Sophie Foster

Sunday 10th October, 4-7pm

4-6 pm: Claire Rousell, durational performance in the attic
4-6 pm: Sophie Foster, durational performance in the shed
6-7 pm: Group discussion

Claire Rousell

Re-route, 2008, Claire Rousell

Re-route, 2008, Claire Rousell

“What made them set out in years before the year 1000 with nothing between themselves and the sea but pieces of leather and lath? What made them certain of another place uncharted and unseen? Love it was that drove them forth. Love that brought them home again. Love hardened their hands against the oar. And heated their sinews against the rain. The journeys they made were beyond common sense; who leaves the hearth for the open sea? Especially without a compass, especially in winter, especially alone. What you risk reveals what you value. In the presence of love, hearth and quest become one.” – from Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson

Artist’s Website

Sophie Foster

Snail and a trail, Image by Sophie Foster

Image by Sophie Foster

The garden snail: the largest and most successful class of mollusks defined by their spirally coiled shell that they carry on their backs. They are extreme travelers with a strong homing instinct, readily returning to a regular hibernation site.

Often described as garden pests, Sophie however, has always found snails to be incredible creatures and therefore have used them extensively within my artwork. This performance will allow the viewer to see how these creatures work, placing them in a somewhat practical surrounding and allowing them to ‘create.’ They will be left to their own devices for approximately one hour where they will be encouraged to eat a large sheet of rice paper stuck to one of the shed windows. This is the main focus of Sophie’s current artwork, to allow simple everyday processes in nature to create something artistically beautiful.

All events are free and everyone will be made welcome. Guests are encouraged to bring something to drink.


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