Kate Stobbart – Title: This has been intentionally left blank

Saturday 16th April 2011

Kate Stobbart, I haven't, March 2011

Kate Stobbart, I haven't, March 2011

Kate Stobbart will be in residence at 25 Stratford Grove from 12th – 16th April.
We hope you will be able to join us on her final day in the house.

25 Stratford Grove, Newcastle, NE6 5AT

RSVP to liveart@25sg.org


Later the same day THE BANK at 6pm

25 Stratford Grove Logo

Lottery Funded, Arts Council England

7 responses to “Kate Stobbart – Title: This has been intentionally left blank

  1. There is no need for Kate to worry. Senar will not be turning up.
    It is a shame that The Arts Council is providing money for such events like this, while
    cutting money for the Side Gallery in Newcastle. I guess photography is just not that important to them. But I know this from my own experience, having worked for Creative Camera photography magazine in the 1980’s. The Art’s Council did the same thing then to this magazine.

    • Dear Senar,

      Do you think it’s Kate’s fault that Side Gallery and your precious magazine lost their funding? If so, prove it.


      • No, It is not Kate’ fault. It is just that photography is just not that important in this county. Compared to Fine Art, Literature, Opera.


      • Dear Senar,

        You obviously don’t agree, but I do consider myself as a photographer too. That’s not all what I do, but that’s big part of what I am getting paid to do. Me and three other people are part time employed by the money Arts Council has granted to 25 Stratford Grove.


    • Hey Senar;

      I can see from your other comment that you don’t actually blame Kate for funding being cut to the Side, but your comment reads like the two things were connected.

      The Side’s sad loss of funding is a decision made well after any funding Kate or 25SG applied for and received, and unlike funding that the Side collective had in previous arrangements, it’s not something that repeats – 25SG isn’t (I think) “a support organisation” like Baltic or the Sage…

      Having said that, I don’t think it’s sad that the Arts Council’s money is being used to part-fund this event. I think it’s sad that the Arts Council is forcing these cuts in such a divisive manner, because it’s pitting artist against artist with the fresh pain of these cuts.

      As to why these cuts have taken place, we can only guess. The ACE is a monolithic organisation, with strange needs that it tries to fill (as you found out in the 80’s, right?) and it’s impossible to guess it’s motives from the outside. I can’t speak for the folk at 25SG, but I personally wish everybody connected with the Side/Amber films all the best, and want to see them continue.

  2. thank you for your comments Senar. As Pete and Arto say, its not something that we feel guilty about, that Side didnt receive funding. We are not responsible for ACE decisions. We feel lucky to have received some part payment this time. We support a lot of artists both locally and from elsewhere in the uk and beyond and also give employment to three other artists. Surely we dont need to come in for criticism for any of this?

  3. There is not much concern about Documentary Photography in this country these days. (A outcome of what happen politically in 1980’s. That is why there is no Creative Camera these days) Even the Photographers Gallery in London does not show interest in this area of photography. Only the Side in Newcastle does.
    Of course, there is no reason why you should feel guilty. Because you have obtain funding. It is the Side, which is on the other end of the boot. They the are one’s who s are facing the axe.

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