25sg Closing Event 2011

Saturday 19 November
4pm – 7pm








Thank you to everybody who has made work or come to view work here at 25sg during the last nine months. We sure couldn’t have had such a good year without all of you…

We would like to invite you for an afternoon of performance, food, wine and discussions, to celebrate the events of 2011 and to say goodbye until March 2012. You are welcome to invite anybody else who you think might like to join us, to introduce them to 25sg and to give them a small glimpse of what happens here.

We hope to be able to continue putting on quality work by local, national and international artists at all stages of their practice throughout 2012. We respond mainly to artists in love with live art, which includes video and bodywork. We are also open to ideas that might show us new ways to reach audiences and to share our love of art and community.

With love from all at 25sg.

Event timetable:

4pm Doors Open
4-5pm “Chapter 4: the final beginning” a new performance by Rachael Allen
5-7pm Food, drinks and conversation
7pm End

What happens if ones skin, and the body it shrouds, feels diseased, toxic, filthy, foreign, possessed, dangerous? What if the profile cast by such corporal form appears unruly, strange, deformed, unsafe?

– Rachael Allen

For more info about the artist visit: www.rachaelallen.com

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