25 STRATFORD GROVE is a large terrace house with a garden in Heaton, Newcastle where artists can make work, think about work, reflect on work and show their work.

25sg Mission Statement

“As an incubator space for developing new ideas and thinking about fresh ways of creating, 25sg is passionate in presenting contemporary live art and critical discourse within a consistently supportive environment. The spaces within and without the house offer artists unique opportunities for new work, collaboration, critical dialogue and reflection. Our strengths lie in enabling artists to experiment, play, and develop without the external pressure of leading to an end product.

We are committed to encouraging emerging artists as well as commissioning established practitioners. We host inclusive, non-hierarchical and enjoyable events to establish a mutually supportive community.”

Inside the House

Inside the House, image: Arto Polus

We aim to:

  • Support artists who work in the field of live art through a unique residency programme.
  • Foster a supportive environment where artists are encouraged to try things out, take risks and exchange ideas including uninhibited presentations and critical dialogue with peers.
  • Develop relationships with other artist-led domestic spaces and other creative people.

Artist Carole Luby lives in the house and has developed the concept organically over several years. In 2007 and 2008 Carole experimented with the house as a meeting place for artists, a performance space and as a temporary residency centre.  Since Spring 2009 the activity has increased dramatically with a number of artists being invited to work in residence and the additional development of critique group meetings.

Most recently the garage has been converted into a gallery space and a study area has taken shape on the ground floor.  To help with the increasing admin required by these activities Carole invited Hannah Marsden to work alongside her as Project Coordinator.  Both artists studied at Newcastle University and graduated in 2006, Hannah from the BA and Carole from the MFA programme.

Attic workspace, photo: Arto Polus

Attic workspace, photo: Arto Polus

25SG is a flexible venue with space for artists to work in the attic, garage gallery and front room.  Each residency lasts up to 10 days and includes a showing, performance and/or discussion of new work with an invited audience.  In addition to the residencies, the Crit Groups have become a regular feature of the programme offering artists an opportunity to bring work or ideas to present to the group for feedback and the newly developed blog provides a virtual space for these creative dialogues to continue.

Garage Gallery workspace, photo: Arto Polus

Garage Gallery workspace, photo: Arto Polus

Our passionate aim is to provide domestic spaces for local, national and international artists who work in the field of live art. Our residency and events programme runs from March to October each year and provides a unique opportunity in the North East region for artists at all stages of their career.

Please contact us on 25stratfordgrove@gmail.com for further information.

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