Abraham Thomas

15/09/09, 7.30 – 10pm

A sound and visual installation by artist Abraham Thomas, exploring the architecture of the venue as both subject and canvas.

AB window

A student of Fine Art at Newcastle University, Abraham is now studying Digital Media at Culture Lab, working with gestural interfaces and robotics. Since March this year, Abraham has been interacting with fluorescent light tubes and generating sound with gestural movements. Taking this artistic practice further, Abraham’s four week residency at 25 SG has been focussed on developing a relationship with the space, using objects, thoughts and ideas from within its walls to create an installation which both utilises and represents it.

Over the residency, Abraham spent time exploring the venue’s spaces from new points of view, focussing on common – and not so common – living areas, experiencing and interrogating every part of the house and garden. Several hundred photos were taken and hours of sound recorded from the house and its surroundings to construct the installation.

Cyclonic is a statement calling on ambience and aesthetics to generate a discrete sound and visual experience, replicating a sense of interior onto the structural exterior.

photo AB


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