Hayley Hare

3rd November – 6th December

My Statement

As I sat in the allotment, I found myself surrounded by ghosts of past work, the high rise and the guy next door releasing his pigeons on an evening. I soon realized that the allotment was not just a place to grow produce and seduce a persons green fingers. It was a place to take time out, relax and think. As I sat in the allotment it gave me space to think and reflect on my past. Past friendships and relationships, people I’ve lost and a few I’ve gained. Where did I go wrong? What do I miss? I knew then that this is definitely an opportunity to reflect and shift my practice in a new direction.


The More you Ignore Me…

Unrequited love is a love that is never reciprocated, but a deep desire to feel love in return is paramount, the modern age of technology and social networking amplifies and adds a new dimension to this.  We can follow the lives of people we have never met, potential partners and ex partners, getting a glimpse of a persona they have created for themselves. This serves to feed the viewers imagination, which contributes to their hopes and paranoia.


End of Residency Show, 6th December

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