Kate Penrice

June 2008

Kneading Pain

Katherine Penrice made bread in the kitchen at 25 Stratford Grove on Saturday 28th june for a small group of people. it was a beautiful day, Kate like a matriarch shaking flour, mixing yeast, sifting flour, smoothing and shaping bread, to set to rise and ultimately to place in the oven. We feasted on the crusty warm bread, with homemade jam. It was so delicious and everybody felt very nourished by the performance.
Upstairs in the attic, there were three small installations. Powerful and in contrast to what was going on downstairs, terrifying, full of sadness and loss.
Thank you Kate.

Kneading Pain

From a member of the audience:

‘I think of the starkness and sense of death and loss upstairs (an installation) was intensified by the warm homely cosiness of downstairs. The breadmaking inspired feelings of love, nurturing, mothering, comforting, security, pleasure, wholesomeness and then to go up into the emptiness, silence with the hanging shoes just felt like a sudden encounter with death. That contrast of the life-affirming kitchen and the harshness of death. it took me so much by surprise and the impact of it stayed with me for quite a few days.’

Kneading Pain

kneading Pain

Kneading Pain

Kneading Pain

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