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Nicola and Kris Canavan

25 Stratford Grove
Sunday, 28th August 2011

Nicola and Kris will be performing individually on Sunday 28th August following their residency.

Nicola Canavan

Nicola Canavan, Bittersweet, 2010, Credits: Fiona Nicholl

Nicola Canavan, Bittersweet, 2010, Credits: Fiona Nicholl

Nicola Canavan creates contemplative work spanning performance, installation and photography. With her work, audiences can explore the feminine body, the political body and the spiritual body which are interwoven in personal experience and desire. Canavan acknowledges and resists the sacred and divine by entering the flesh and installing symbol through the modification and manipulation of her body, she searches for ‘Self’ through abstraction and ritual to create a domain which is immeasurable without the consensus of an audience.

Born in South Shields (North East England), Nicola has been performing and showing work nationally and internationally since graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Northumbria University in 2006. In the same year she met Kris Canavan, now husband, and has since been creating a series of collaborations which test the constraints and boundaries of their intimate relationship.

For more information about Nicola click here

Kris Canavan

Kris Canavan, Entrapment Version 2, 2005. Credits: Antonio Genco

Kris Canavan, Entrapment Version 2, 2005. Credits: Antonio Genco

Kris Canavan was born in N. Ireland in 1980, since 2001 he has been making performance work that centres on the themes of mythology, unity, tragedy & romance.

In 2004 he graduated from The University of the West of England, Bristol.

His artworks and performances have been presented at galleries, museums, festivals, clubs and other venues including The National Review of Live Art, Bodily Functions Festival, Frankfurt Art Fair, & Palazzo Delle Papesse. His work has been published in magazines and Journals including Art Review, Dance and Theatre Journal, ABOBA and publications including Manuel Vason’s ‘Encounters’.

In 2006 he met and started collaborating with his (future) wife Nicola Canavan under the banner Anatomy_Of. They have performed across the U.K and Europe at festivals and galleries including Momentum, Bodily Functions and Platform North East. In December 2008 Nicola gave birth to their son Maxim William Canavan.

Since October 2010 he has been an AMINO Associate Artist & is currently developing new work with their support…

For more information about Kris click here

Nicola and Kris Canavan will be in residence at 25 Stratford Grove from 23rd to 28th August.
We hope you will be able to join us for their performances on the Sunday.

A timetable of the event will be available on Saturday 27th August.

Food and drink will be available throughout the day for a small cost…

Plate of delicious food: £1.50
Hot drinks: 50p
Soft drinks: 50p
Glass of wine: £1

Please make a donation to support 25sg

Contributions and Cuts

Saturday 9th July, 12-5pm
25 Stratford Grove

contributions and cuts

contributions and cuts

Live performances by Claire Cummins, Cody Sowerby, Dick-James Hall, Kimberly Emeny, Nick Kilby, and Zan de Floss.

Curated by Kris Canavan.

12:00 Doors open
12:00 Performances
16:00 Discussion
17:00 Close

A more detailed timetable of performance will be available Friday 8th July. Please check back!

Food and drink will be available for a small cost…

Plate of food £2.00
Hot drinks: 50p
Soft drinks: 50p
Wine: £1

Please make a donation to support 25sg

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Sally Madge Performance Documented by CIRCA

Sally Madge – Making a Mess and Clearing Up

“Durational Performance Work- 20th March 2010 @ 25SG Gallery

Making a Mess and Clearing Up is a new durational work by Sally Madge which uses the white cube space of 25SG as a blank canvas for an outpouring of automatic drawing, taking the audience on a personal journey through recent art history in a unique suburban setting.

The artist, whilst blindfolded, drew using homemade charcoal for a three hour period. Then during the remainder of the day she cleaned, painted and restored the space to its original state, thus symbolically encasing the traces of the artwork within the walls of the gallery space.

Sally Madge is a Newcastle based artist whose multidisciplinary practice places a particular focus on ideas surrounding contemporary performance. She has recently exhibited and performed at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art as part of The Dream of Fluxus 2009.

25 SG – Garage Gallery, 25 Stratford Grove, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5AT”

A Video of Sally Madge: Making A Mess and Clearing it Up from CIRCA Contemprorary Art Projects on Vimeo.

Source: (03/04/2010)

25SG is OOO

25SG is currently undergoing a period of R&D funded by Grants for the Arts. Next week we will be taking field trips to Berlin and London to research different models of artist led projects, to meet other practitioners and get inspired!

We will feedback our findings through the blog so watch this space…

Sally Madge at Garage Gallery

25SG is pleased to announce the first performance of 2010.

Making a mess and clearing it up

by Sally Madge

Saturday 20th March 2010, 11am to 6pm

Garage Gallery

25 Stratford Grove, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5AT

Please drop by to view the work at anytime between 11am and 6pm and pop into the house for a chat where refreshments will be served throughout the day.

Please RSVP to and

25SG is open for business!

Now that the sun is shining we have come out from hibernation and are ready to welcome the next phase of projects to 25SG.

We are seeking proposals from artists to create new work with a live element in the Garage Gallery.  Projects should last no longer than ten days and artists should aim towards some form of presentation of work at the end.  This could be a performance, a screening, a discussion or whatever best suits the project.

25SG is an incubator for new ideas and fresh ways of working.   We aim to create an environment where artists feel comfortable to test things out, take risks and exchange critical feedback with peers.

Please send a brief proposal of no more than 200 words along with a biog/CV and images of recent work to and

Deadline for proposals is 25/03/10, feel free to come round and view the space and to talk to us about your idea, first come first served!

Expect more information about the Critique Group programme and the first performance event of the year coming very soon…