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Science for Artists: Overview and Discussion by Ben Lawson

Artist Ben Lawson presents an overview and discussion about science, aimed at helping artists understand the subject. Ben’s lecture will start at 6pm on Wednesday the 22nd of September, and who better than Ben to tell you about it? Here’s what he wrote:

“Science is indisputably the most successful system we have for understanding the world around us. The impact and reach of science is both significant and profound, having changed the way we interact with our surroundings beyond all recognition in just a few hundred years.

In the past art has always been a key instrument in the pursuit of science, both  investigating and communicating scientific ideas about our world, yet in this modern age artists often appear divorced from the process. I wish to address this apparent gap and hopefully offer some stimulating discussion on the way.”

Please join us at 6pm on Wednesday for what promises to be an edifying talk.

Carole Luby performance – Peppers

There will be a performance by Carole Luby this Sunday (the 12th) at 6pm – come to 25 Stratford Grove slightly before, and please RSVP by email.

Food and drink afterwards in the house.

No RSVP? That means we won’t have brought enough food for you!

Definition of Ripe

Fully grown and developed: mature ripe fruit.
Having mature knowledge, understanding, or judgment of advanced years: late – a ripe old age.
Suitable, appropriate – the time was ripe for the attempt; fully prepared; ready; the colonies were ripe for revolution.
Brought by aging to full flavour or the best state: mellow – ripe cheese: smelly, stinking.
Ruddy, plump, or full like ripened fruit – a ripe figure.
Indecent – ripe language.

Definition of Tender

Soft enough for the teeth to go through easily; the point at which
something is ready to eat; the leaves of a bunch of spinach, a rip fig. Soft
or delicate in substance. Not hard or tough.

Definition of Fragile

Of a delicate nature; so soft as to be hurt, crushed or broken easily.
Requiring careful handling; a tender subject.

Did you miss Dr. Degger at Garage Gallery?

Brian Degger did a successful residency at 25 Stratford Grove 9-18.4.2010 turning the garage gallery into a space for domestic biotechnology, a literal interpretation of 25SG as an “incubator for live work”.  If you missed this participatory event then worry no more. There is blog post from Tikul who was among the lucky ones who attended this intriguing mix of art and science. The post is accompanied with nice images.

Incubator for live work at 25SG garage gallery

Incubator for live work at 25SG garage gallery

“i found dr brian’s work very inspiring.. and exciting, i would like to spend more time in his ‘mobile’ lab and work on some ideas together.. i cannot wait to grow my own glowing bacteria and make bioplastic at home! [vinegar + potato starch + glicerol in particular proportions, then wait few days until it will get harder;] it is amazing how this substance can be used instead of toxic plastic.. it is actually biodegradable, completely environmental friendly plastic, it can be used in a various ways.”

Source; images and text: http://dm.ncl.ac.uk/tikul/?p=2025 (21.4.2010)

Dr. Degger at work in 25SG garage gallery

Dr. Degger at work in 25SG garage gallery

Art and Domestic Biotechnology

9th -18th April 2010

Brian Degger is currently in working in residence, turning the garage gallery into a space for domestic biotechnology, a literal interpretation of 25SG as an “incubator for live work”.

Strange Fungi

Unknown Organisms Cultured on Ruby Port Wine

Aims: investigating the process of growing microorgansisms as an art practice.

Materials: glowing bacteria, fish eggs, DNA, mushrooms, gelatin, agar, various fermented “live” drinks, vegetarian and milkbased bioplastics.

Outputs: skinning models of domestic artifacts, such as chairs, teapots, straws.

Methodology: trying things out, using open source recipes by others and ruminating on the “live” ness.

Crossover: using the garage space as an “incubator for live work”   and it will literally be that for the period of Brian’s residency.

Brian’s research at 25SG can be followed on the blog  http://bioartforum.com More info about Brian’s previous and present work on his website  http://transitlab.org

Brian will be presenting the outcomes of his residency on Sunday 18th April from 12.30pm as part of 25SG Critique Group.  This event is open to all but please do RSVP.