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25sg Closing Event 2011

Saturday 19 November
4pm – 7pm








Thank you to everybody who has made work or come to view work here at 25sg during the last nine months. We sure couldn’t have had such a good year without all of you…

We would like to invite you for an afternoon of performance, food, wine and discussions, to celebrate the events of 2011 and to say goodbye until March 2012. You are welcome to invite anybody else who you think might like to join us, to introduce them to 25sg and to give them a small glimpse of what happens here.

We hope to be able to continue putting on quality work by local, national and international artists at all stages of their practice throughout 2012. We respond mainly to artists in love with live art, which includes video and bodywork. We are also open to ideas that might show us new ways to reach audiences and to share our love of art and community.

With love from all at 25sg.

Event timetable:

4pm Doors Open
4-5pm “Chapter 4: the final beginning” a new performance by Rachael Allen
5-7pm Food, drinks and conversation
7pm End

What happens if ones skin, and the body it shrouds, feels diseased, toxic, filthy, foreign, possessed, dangerous? What if the profile cast by such corporal form appears unruly, strange, deformed, unsafe?

– Rachael Allen

For more info about the artist visit: www.rachaelallen.com

Next in June: Lena Simic & Neal Anderson + Jane Dudman

Lena Simic & Neal Anderson

The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home
Mother & Son – ‘that just sounds really sad’

25 Stratford Grove
Sunday 5th June 2011

Hazardous Family by the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, HAZARD08, Manchester 2008. Photo: Branka Cvjeticanin

Hazardous Family by the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, HAZARD08, Manchester 2008. Photo: Branka Cvjeticanin

“The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home is run out of a council property bedroom in Everton, Liverpool. twoaddthree are Gary Anderson, Lena Simic add Neal, Gabriel and Sid. We are artists. We are activists. We are a family.

Mummy and kids are in the frame and Daddy’s behind the camera.
We are a nice nuclear family.
We are a hetero-normative unit.
Tesco loves us, Disney adores us and McDonalds can’t get enough of us.
We are complicit in consumer capitalism (check out the footy gear!)
We, the family, are the solid bedrock of society, at least that is what we are told.
Instead we will dissent! We will have fun and take the piss.”

For more information about the artists please visit: www.twoaddthree.org

Lena Simic and Neal Anderson will be in residence at 25 Stratford Grove from 2nd – 5th June.
We hope you will be able to join us for their performance on Sunday 5th June.

A timetable will be available soon.

RSVP to liveart@25sg.org

Jane Dudman – Haven

25 Stratford Grove
Saturday 11th June 2011

Jane Dudman, untitled, 2010

Jane Dudman, untitled, 2010

Jane Dudman is an artist and MRes research student at Culture Lab, Newcastle University.

Jane Dudman will be in residence at 25 Stratford Grove from 7th – 11th June.
We hope you will be able to join us for her performance on Saturday 11th June.

UPDATE: Event Timetable Jane Dudman

Saturday 11 June, 2-5pm

Jane Dudman has been in residence this week at 25sg. We invite you to join us on her last day in the house…

The audience is invited to participate by bringing along something to read. This could be a personal text, a passage from a book, a childhood memory or something you have written yourself. You will be invited to read it aloud during the event.

2pm: doors open
2.30-3.30pm: performance / interaction
3.30pm onwards: conversation with Jane
5pm: close

RSVP to liveart@25sg.org

Food and drink will be available for a small cost…
Plate of delicious food: £1.50
Hot drinks: 50p
Soft drinks: 50p
Glass of wine: £1

Extra donations always welcome!

25 Stratford Grove Logo

Lottery Funded, Arts Council England

The Improv Group – Rooms In Flux

Sunday 31st October
Performance will run from 4-6pm
RSVP to 25stratfordgrove@gmail.com

Found image edited by Louise de Froment

Found image edited by Louise de Froment

Home to one.
Temporary place of residence to many.
A building for quiet contemplation.
A space for gatherings.


Overhearing & Eavesdropping.


25 Stratford Grove will be used as a template to explore the social-hybrid identity common to most houses.
The resulting performance, Rooms In Flux, will run from 4-6pm on Sunday 31st October.

Please step inside and join us.

Claire Rousell and Sophie Foster

Sunday 10th October, 4-7pm

4-6 pm: Claire Rousell, durational performance in the attic
4-6 pm: Sophie Foster, durational performance in the shed
6-7 pm: Group discussion

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Sally Madge shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010

We are delighted to announce that Sally Madge has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize for a work she created at 25sg earlier this year.

Sally Madge - Making a mess and clearing up

Sally Madge - Making a Mess and Clearing It Up

Making a Mess and Clearing it Up was a performance in the garage gallery in which the artist drew blindfolded over the entire space with handmade charcoal. She then removed the blindfold, washed down the walls, swept the floor and repainted the gallery. The whole process took seven hours to complete and was documented throughout the day by the audience using disposable cameras. Adam Phillips from CIRCA Contemporary Art Projects was invited to make a video of the event, the outcome of which has been selected by the judging panel to be included in this year’s exhibition on show at Jerwood Space, London from 29th September – 7th November. This show will tour to numerous venues across the country in 2011 including Durham Art Gallery.

Sally has been shortlisted from almost 3000 entries and I’m sure you will agree this is a fantastic achievement! The winners will be announced on 28th September. We wish Sally the best of luck and we look forward to seeing the exhibition when it comes our way.

You can view documentation from the original performance in our archive pages ( https://25stratfordgrove.wordpress.com/archive/sally-madge/) and you can find out more about the Jerwood Drawing Prize by visiting their website. http://www.jerwoodvisualarts.org/drawing/#theprize

Caroline Pugh – Common Places

In residence from 3rd – 12th August
End event on Thursday 12th August, 5pm – 8pm

Image by Caroline Pugh

Image by Caroline Pugh

Social change begins at home. Creating a common place where we can sit and chat, music is made from conversation and cassettes. Caroline draws on oral history, archival techniques, traditional folk music, improvisation and aprons.

From 9th-11th August, there will be a series of invitation only performances for one audience member at a time. To ask for an invitation, email caroline.pugh@gmail.com

On 12th August there will be a public event showing the music generated from the archive of the spoken exchanges between Caroline and the invited audience.

The event is free and refreshments will be available. Guests are welcome to bring food and drink to share.

Previous work by Caroline. http://www.youtube.com/MostWednesdays

RSVP by email or through the blog.


25sg green logo on white background


Other Forthcoming events at 25sg…

Helen Edling – Once Upon A Space- the creation of a collaborative microuniverse
In residence: 20th- 29th August

Pete HindleJuggling his balls…
1st- 2nd September

Lady Kit and Dr John Lazarus
12th September

David Foggo – Laughter Lines

Sunday 1st August 2010

Laughter Lines is a durational performance piece. It will begin at 4pm and finish at 5pm…This timing references the school detention hour.

RSVP on the blog or to 25stratfordgrove@gmail.com

School Desk

School Desk