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Angela Jane Kennedy – Performance and Discussion



Angela Jane Kennedy – Performance and Discussion

Sunday 4th July, 3pm – 6pm

(please note the following timings)

3.00pm: Performance will start at the bottom of the garden (please arrive on time)

4.30pm: Group discussion with Angela Jane Kennedy

Please arrive on time using the entrance at the front of the house.*  The post-performance discussion will be accompanied by light refreshments.  Feel free to bring a contribution for the table.

Space can be tight so please RSVP!

Art and Domestic Biotechnology

9th -18th April 2010

Brian Degger is currently in working in residence, turning the garage gallery into a space for domestic biotechnology, a literal interpretation of 25SG as an “incubator for live work”.

Strange Fungi

Unknown Organisms Cultured on Ruby Port Wine

Aims: investigating the process of growing microorgansisms as an art practice.

Materials: glowing bacteria, fish eggs, DNA, mushrooms, gelatin, agar, various fermented “live” drinks, vegetarian and milkbased bioplastics.

Outputs: skinning models of domestic artifacts, such as chairs, teapots, straws.

Methodology: trying things out, using open source recipes by others and ruminating on the “live” ness.

Crossover: using the garage space as an “incubator for live work”   and it will literally be that for the period of Brian’s residency.

Brian’s research at 25SG can be followed on the blog  http://bioartforum.com More info about Brian’s previous and present work on his website  http://transitlab.org

Brian will be presenting the outcomes of his residency on Sunday 18th April from 12.30pm as part of 25SG Critique Group.  This event is open to all but please do RSVP.

Sally Madge Performance Documented by CIRCA

Sally Madge – Making a Mess and Clearing Up

“Durational Performance Work- 20th March 2010 @ 25SG Gallery

Making a Mess and Clearing Up is a new durational work by Sally Madge which uses the white cube space of 25SG as a blank canvas for an outpouring of automatic drawing, taking the audience on a personal journey through recent art history in a unique suburban setting.

The artist, whilst blindfolded, drew using homemade charcoal for a three hour period. Then during the remainder of the day she cleaned, painted and restored the space to its original state, thus symbolically encasing the traces of the artwork within the walls of the gallery space.

Sally Madge is a Newcastle based artist whose multidisciplinary practice places a particular focus on ideas surrounding contemporary performance. She has recently exhibited and performed at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art as part of The Dream of Fluxus 2009.

25 SG – Garage Gallery, 25 Stratford Grove, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5AT”

A Video of Sally Madge: Making A Mess and Clearing it Up from CIRCA Contemprorary Art Projects on Vimeo.

Source: http://ccaprojects.org.uk/archives/457 (03/04/2010)