Nicola Singh

Get Out Of My House

As a performance artist and musician my developing practice explores interdisciplinary approaches to research, devising and performance processes, and the dialogue that emerges from this public and private exchange. In an often conceptual, non-narrative form my practice communicates elements of the visual arts, contemporary music and live art.

I approached the Woodbine Allotment residency as an opportunity for artistic autonomy, to experiment with themes and methodologies which other contexts had previously not allowed. Framed within a glass structure, this site automatically shifted my perceptions of the artist and of the audience, becoming a mirror with which to consider notions of performativity and the visibility of the devising process. Resonating rhythms, sensory stimuli and an awareness of privacy permeated the devising process, initially explored through various solitary fluxus performances. As a self-contained, and to some extent governing, space, narrative constructions emerged from the activation of objects and of the landscape within this space. Further experiments with performative gesture, sound and visual arts practices shaped a final performance which actuated the space in terms of its physical and sonic possibilities and its surrounding community.

At a pivotal and formative stage of my development as an arts practitioner, I found this a challenging and vital opportunity in which to enhance my work, and working processes, in a context that allowed for innovative artistic expression. 

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